Ward Williams have a team that specialises in the needs of charities. We have extensive knowledge of the Charities Acts and Charities SORP. This knowledge together with over 20 years combined experience in dealing with charities enables Ward Williams to offer our charity clients the following:

  • Preparation of annual accounts in accordance with the relevant regulations;
  • Annual audit and independant examinations;
  • Assistance in the completion of Charity Commission annual returns;
  • Attendance at Trustee's and audit committee meetings.

In addition we offer advice and guidance on non-routine issues including systems and controls together with assistance on how to become more efficient.

The coronavirus pandemic has had an extraordinary impact in the UK and across the World, and with charities playing an integral role in UK society they are not immune from the impact of the outbreak, with many seeing a significant drop in income, whether from fundraising or investments, whilst at the same time seeing an increase in the demand for their services. So what do tru ...