Developing your board - trustee recruitment and diversity

Research conducted as part of the Taken on Trust report, commissioned by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport in November 2017, noted that the majority of charity trustees are male, white and retired, the so called ‘male, pale and stale’ demographic. Since then, the CCEW, the Charity Governance Code and various other commentators have been encouraging charities to step up and improve diversity on their trustee boards.

In a lot of cases, trustees are a self selecting group; who have the time and skills to take up such a post. However there has to be more positive action from
current board members to seek out a wider range of people to add breadth and depth to the trustee group. The research also found that trustees particularly those considering the role or new to it, were often unaware of the role and responsibilities that go with the title.

The CCEW has therefore published a new trustee welcome pack to explain exactly what is expected of a charity trustee. Worth reading for all board members as
an introduction or refresher.


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