The CCEW has issued an alert to charities following a National Fraud Intelligence Bureau alert highlighting the insider threat from fraudsters and cyber criminals. Research from the CCEW published earlier in the year found that in the vast majority of cases where fraud was committed in charities, the primary enabling factor was the lack of appropriate internal controls in place and being consistently applied.

The lack of controls particularly focused around excessive trust or responsibility being placed on one individual, along with a lack of challenge or oversight.

The impact of fraud on a charity can vary, but will typically include reduced service provision, a loss of funding/income, damage to team/organisational morale, an
adverse effect on the charity’s reputation and possible closure of the charity.

Both OSCR and the CCEW have published guidance to help charities protect themselves from fraud - a must read for all trustees.

Following Charity Fraud Week, the CCEW has published a number of helpsheets and e-learning videos to:
• raise awareness of the key risks affecting the sector
• promote and share good counter-fraud practices
• promote honesty and openness about fraud.


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