Ward Williams awarded 1 Star Accreditation for work place engagement

We’re extremely proud to have been awarded the Best Companies 1 Star Accreditation for Workplace Engagement. Alongside this, the Best Companies survey demonstrated that our employees have “very good” levels of workplace engagement.

What is the Best Companies Survey?

The Best Companies Survey is a set of 70 academically designed questions based on their ‘8 factors of workplace engagement’. It is completely secure and confidential, so respondents are free to say how they really feel.

The eight factors of workplace engagement are made up of; leadership, my manager, personal growth, wellbeing, my team, giving something back, my company and fair deal.

After the survey was complete. We received an overall BCI (Best Companies Index) score unique to Best Companies and access to our company dashboard, which takes you beyond the statistics to create an accurate picture of how our employees really feel.

Sally Phillips Managing Director from Ward Williams HR commented:

“A 1 Star accreditation from Best Companies is a significant achievement that shows that Ward Williams Group is taking workplace engagement seriously. The feedback from the process provides valuable data to highlight key areas where we can improve our performance in supporting and retaining our most valuable asset - Our People.

Ward Williams holds strong values among its employees of: Loyalty, Honesty & Hard work. As a caring employer, we strive to provide our staff with job satisfaction, rewards for success and the opportunity to develop”.

If you would like to find out more about Ward William’s Group career opportunities. Or how we can help your business improve on workplace engagement. Then please contact Sally Phillips 07887 877521 or email sally.phillips@wardwilliams.co.uk


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